oh my fucking gosh

huge fucking trigger warning but oh my gosh




I don’t know if this is amazing or terrible, or some impressive mixture of the two.

Brilliant. Utterly fucking brilliant.

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do you ever see an opinion that’s so terrible that you actually feel bad for that person’s brain

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These are also INTJ types:

  • Artemis Fowl
  • Batman
  • Light Yagami
  • Rose, Dirk, and Eridan
  • Scar from Lion King
  • GLaDOS
  • Captain Hook
  • Mojo Jojo
  • Moriarty
  • Maleficant

So the short answer is my Meyers-Briggs type is “the one who fucks shit up”

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Don’t date Nice Guys. Date Evil Guys. Date guys who revel in the darkness of the night. Date guys who are monsters and loving it. Date guys who wear their villainy like it’s a fashion statement. Date guys who treat you like a gentleman but are merciless towards enemies. Date guys who come to the party with a melodramatic and terrifying entrance. Date guys who use smoke and mirrors and candlelight to ensnare their victims. Date guys with diabolical master plans about world domination. 

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I’m not kidding though Jon Pertwee was really cool

  • I’ve said this before but he loved cartoons and got into arguments with his friend over who was the bigger Aladdin fan
  • And he thought Aladdin was the best animated film ever
  • He was an actual real life spy who reported directly to Churchill which automatically makes him 300% more awesome
  • and apparently he once woke up in a morgue
  • In fact, he kept almost dying but coincidence and general badassery kept him going
  • and then there was the time he accidentally crashed a boat into a pier
  • He was a founder member of a club specifically for cool fancy clothes
  • When he played the Doctor, he had back problems that made it painful for him to do many of his famous stunts. His solution was to do them anyway.
  • He was really protective and affectionate in a really adorable way
  • And he would hold Katy Manning’s hand and lead her around because she couldn’t see and he didn’t want her to get hurt which is really sweet okay
  • He has adorable fluffy hair you can’t argue with that



you remember the Whomobile?

That was his car. He had it specially made and he showed up to work in it one day and it was so cool they put it in the show.

Basically, Jon Pertwee is an adorable charming badass and no one will ever convince me otherwise. 

Don’t mind me crying silently in the corner.

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Jon Pertwee making the best faces ever (from here)

I suggest we all set these as our Icons immediately 

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And thus I found Three hitting Five with a stuff animed

Five in rose-colored glasses

and the Master in a white suit.

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"I remember Roger Delgado once had to hypnotise me in this factory, and they were doing a close-up. He knew this, so when they were focusing on little muggins here, he was off-camera, pulling silly faces.
Let me tell you, Roger Delgado could pull the most ridiculous faces, and you just couldn’t help laughing at him."

— Katy Manning (1990)

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if you’re ever sad look at this image of jon pertwee kissing a turtle


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I’m going to talk about bird AU to distract myself



So, imagine that Three and Delgado!Master are birds at a zoo.

The Doctor:


the Master:


(that’s a Great Grey Owl btw)

The Doctor walks around freely and his favourite food is stolen sandwiches. Least favourite food being the more or less dead animals the Master keeps trying to give him. Liz Shaw used to be his favourite, and when she left he was very grumpy for a while until Jo, the new internship, managed to get on his good side (with sandwiches ofc)

The Master is SUPPOSED to be caged but keeps escaping and flying around the zoo area and looking smug. Once, Mike Yates almost got an eye clawed out while trying to catch him, and swore very colourfully in front a group of schoolchildren, his face bleeding copiously. The children thought it was the coolest thing ever. Manager Lethbridge-Stewart was less amused.

*chokes* Oh my god, this is beautiful

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Keeping romance alive is a subtle art.


Keeping romance alive is a subtle art.

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